Non-Functional requirements

  • Capacity – current and forecast – We determine based on current JVM traffic and response times.
  • Compliance – PCI that used credit card data. PII that should not appear in the logs.
  • Documentation – Wiki. I know that we can use Swagger
  • Disaster recovery – Data centers,
  • Extensibility – Plugins, Jars, kind of functional
  • Fault tolerance – Data centers, multiple JVMs
  • Interoperability – JSON, XML – REST
  • Maintainability – Code
  • Portability – Using Spring as it works with many containers and not using container specific features. If you put log4j in standalone.xml then it is not easily changeable. You should instead use log4j properties.
  • Reliability – Up time
  • Resilience – Flags / Contingency
  • Scalability – Same as capacity. Can we add two JVMs.
  • Security – Digital Signature.
  • Supportability – Can a restart fix the issue?
  • Testability – Are all the JUNIT test written and code covered.
  • Storage – Capacity related. HDD Size
  • Growth Requirements – Capacity related – RAM, HDD
  • Usability – From average user’s perspective

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