Mac applications can be opened from terminal using open command:

open filename – opens a file
open directory – opens a directory
open -a calculator — opens a calculator application
open -a TextEdit filename — opens the filename in the application in textedit
command | open -f  — opens the results of the command in the file
man -t sudo | open -fa Preview – Converts sudo manual to post script and then pipes to open command that would write to a file and open it in preview.
open http://yahoo.com – opens yahoo.com in a browser.

pbcopy, pbpaste, pbsort

These commands integrate the clipboard with Unix and Mac. Think of pbcopy,pbpaste as you can write and read from files.

Screen Capture

Command Shift 3 – Entire Screen
Command Shift 4 – selection

In terminal:
screencapture [-i -m -C -t -T -P -M -c ] filename
example: screencapture -mCP -T 3 -t jpg filename.jpg

Shutdown -[shr] timeformat

Example: sudo shutdown -h +30 — shuts down after 30 minutes


say “text” [ -v VoiceProfile ]
say -f filename -o audio.aiff — records contents of filename to audio file.


mdfind -onlyin dir_path -name “filename” -0

Mac Preferences

Stored in HDD/Library/Preferences and Users/Library/Preferences
Each .plist file contains preferences for that application. You can open the file and change it or use Unix command called defaults as below:
defaults read com.apple.finder CopyProgressWindowLocation gives –> 169, 270
defaults write com.apple.finder CopyProgressWindowLocation “168, 270”

Some applications .plist file may not be present in the Library but you can still get it from internet and change it.


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