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I’ve published 8 (!!) zines about systems & debugging tools. Here’s some general information: You can get more information about any of them by clicking on the cover. They all have a PDF you can read on your computer and a print version. If you want to pay for them, you can.

from Pocket https://jvns.ca/zines/

Simple Single Sign On with Spring Security OAuth2

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to implement SSO – Single Sign On – using Spring Security OAuth and Spring Boot. Very simply put, when a user tries to access a secured page in the client app, they’ll be redirected to authenticate first, via the Authentication Server.

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Alexa’s New Avatar: Financial Adviser

Some UBS Group AG clients can pose any economic question to a machine: “Alexa, how would a Fed rate increase impact the U.S. economy?” A partnership with Amazon.com Inc. allows select UBS wealth-management clients in Europe to ask the virtual-assistant financial and economic questions.

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Top 5 Development Tips for Successful Programming Careers

Developers are at the core of IT industry. Progressing as a developer needs good programming skills. It also needs constant self-improvement to achieve success in the long run. If you work as a developer and want to excel in this field you should make every attempt to enhance your skills.

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